Applicant Tracking Software that Gets You The Best Hires

TEAM iQ is more than just Applicant Tracking Software; a suite of features are included designed around the single most important objective - of helping you to recruit the best staff.

Helps you identify the best applicants

ATS to get the best staff

When posting a job you can tailor the application form to that particular vacancy.

Doing this makes you think about exactly what it is you are looking for, and so decide what attributes the best candidates must have.

This means you get to ask the right questions to get the information you need from the applicant, to make the best decision on who to shortlist and move up through your applicant tracking process.

Makes your comparison, rejecting and ranking of applications more effective

Because you’ve put the right questions into the application form, it is now quick and easy to compare, reject and rank applications from within your recruiting software so as to identify the best one(s).

ATS Compare Applicants

When making this comparison, you get a more objective rather than subjective assessment.

Finds the best cultural fit

In the online application form you design, you can also use questions that all applicants - for all roles - will answer. The idea is that you tailor these questions to reflect the cultural needs of your organisation. If communication skills, quality (or anything else…) are key areas that you want to address with this recruitment, then include questions that tease out these attributes in applicants.

These questions will enable you to assess each applicant as an individual person - not just looking at their work, education and professional experience – and so find the candidates that are the best match to the requirements of your organisation.

Identifies candidates that best appreciate and understand the role

TEAM iQ gives you a unique job vacancy ‘tie break’ question to tease out of candidates their appreciation of the specific role for which they are applying.

ATS Assess Applicant Understanding

Considering applicant responses to the job vacancy tie break question makes it easier for you to identify those applicants that best demonstrate an understanding of the specific role you are recruiting for.

Application forms channel applicant thinking and enable effective comparisons

The structured application forms channel applicant thinking. This results in a more thought out application making it easier for you to make an informed judgment on which candidate is the best.

Immediate access to key factors

Review screens present ‘key factors’ – the things you’ve decided are important – right at the top of the screen. This saves you time otherwise spent skimming through less important details in a CV. Now you’re diving straight into the key factors you need to make an informed assessment on which applicant is best for you.

Recruiters often make an initial decision on a candidate within 20-30 seconds of picking up their CV. With our unique approach, the effort of those important first 20 seconds is properly channelled into assessing the right information.

Avoid expensive, incorrect rejections

Our unique scoring process means that you initially reject only the duds. Those that make it through are moved to the next step for further processing.

Now you can identify how many viable applications you have, and set more stringent criteria that make it easier to work through the first shortlist and find the best person for the job.

Drill down to the best applicants

If it’s a close enough race to justify it, then the applicant tracking features allow for an iterative scoring process through which you re-score applications, gradually whittling them down to a final shortlist.

This means that at every pass you are only looking at the best applications and comparing those, and so identify the best candidate.

Quick easy means you find the best applications

With a manual shortlisting system you are less likely to give all applicants a fair assessment. As soon as you spot an ‘acceptable’ CV, you move it to the shortlist pile and interview as soon as you’ve got a few applications in the pile.

ATS quickly find the best applicants.

Our rapid, online review forms make it easier for you to give all applicants a quick, initial assessment, ensuring no strong applicants are allowed to slip through the net, and ensuring you get to identify the best one(s).

Encourages a consultative, inclusive approach

Because applications are received and ranked online, you can share access to the recruitment database amongst your team no matter where in the world they are.

Everyone that needs to can contribute to the selection process in a manner they simply cannot if you try emailing CVs out to your management team.

You end up with more inclusive process that all your management team contribute and buy in to, resulting in a better recruitment for everyone.