The Applicant Tracking System That Improves Your Recruitment Process

Automates letter and email production

Applicant Tracking System automates letter production

TEAM iQ automates the production of reject letters, interview invitations, reminders to complete pending applications and finally those all important job offers.

Your recruitment system is provided with a library of suitable templates for these letters. You can add to or edit these templates as necessary to support your working practices.

Automatically posts your job to regional job boards

Applicant Tracking System Syndicates Job Boards.

At the click of a button, TEAM iQ will automatically post your job to all the major regional job boards – at no cost to you.

No matter which job board the applicant finds you in, their application goes straight into your TEAM iQ recruitment database, where you can process and manage it alongside all other applications you receive.

If you’ve got a job board that works for you that we don’t support, then simply let us know and we will work to automate the transfer of your TEAM iQ jobs to them.

Tailored to support each stage of your recruitment process

Applicant Tracking System to Support Your Recruitment Process.

It’s quick and easy for you to tailor your TEAM iQ applicant tracking system to reflect and support each stage of any recruitment process that you decide to track.

Whether you opt for a straight forward shortlisting process, or decide on a more involved series of events such as:-

  • First shortlist
  • Aptitude testing
  • Telephone interviews
  • First interview
  • Final interview
  • Job offer

TEAM iQ can support, help automate and produce powerful reports on each stage of the process.

Powerful applicant search facilities

Applicant Tracking System Applicant Search.

Remember the CV you saw 6 months ago? The applicant worked in a hotel somewhere, and you thought at the time that they would make a good team member some time. Now’s the time. But you can’t remember the hotel they worked at nor the job they applied for. You’ve had 3,000 more CVs in since. You can’t search them all.

With TEAM iQ you can. Simply search all applicants for the word ‘hotel’. Your 3,000 CVs will soon be down a manageable search result and within seconds you’re looking at your candidate.

All your applicants – in one place

Your TEAM iQ recruitment database brings order to chaos. It draws together all your applications from a variety of sources – social media, traditional advertising and word of mouth all through a single processing funnel – your online database.