Recruitment Software for Retail Case Study: Deacons

Recruitment Software Case Study: Retail


Behind Kenya’s vibrant middle class retail market is a little known name that controls much of the high street – Deacons.

With brands including Adidas, Mr Price, 4U2, Bossini and Life Fitness, Deacons is one of the region’s largest and best known retailers.

The Need

With an ever expanding presence in East Africa’s new Malls and growing urban areas, Deacons is always expanding into new territories and winning new markets.

Alongside this aggressive growth is the need to maintain business and preserve existing brands.

This growth and ongoing trade requires staff – ranging from shop floor sales staff through to brand managers, there’s always an opportunity for someone in Deacons.

The Solution

Initially used to fill growth positions, Deacons are now recruiting via their company website to attract a talent pool available to fill core roles across all brands and stores.

The Benefits

Now when Deacons need to recruit shop floor staff, they start with the talent pool in their TEAM iQ online database.

Specialist positions too are being filled online, with an increasing awareness that good jobs are to be had on the company careers page.

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