Recruitment Software Case Study: Java House

Recruitment Software Case Study: Java House


In 1999, Java introduced coffee drinking and gourmet café culture to Kenya.  As they grew, they created more spots where people could enjoy the Java experience conveniently.

Java coffee houses would not be what they are without the effort, commitment and passion of the Java House team who make sure each branch is a place where everyone feels at home. Quality and professionalism are deeply rooted in their culture.

The Need

Today Java House is on the move — they’re building branches and creating jobs all over East Africa, working to bring the Java experience closer to their customers.

In order to staff this growth, it is important that they continue to attract and retain the best staff – a team that ensure that every cup poured and every plate served is a reflection of their promise of offering only the best.

Core branch roles

As they open new branches Java have an ongoing requirement for a core set of roles that grow in direct proportion to the business – branch teams including wait staff, baristas, cashiers and cooks.

Central corporate roles

Java also need to staff the one off functions that are so important in managing and developing the business – accountants, engineers, drivers and others central roles.

The Solution

Java have set up their recruitment platform to address these very needs.

Branch roles are set up on their TEAM iQ system permanently – the jobs are always open and people can always apply.

One of vacancies for central roles are posted and recruited through the careers portal as needed.

The Benefits

Now, when Java need to recruit into a new outlet or to manage internal growth, they have a ready database of eager applicants they can tap into and recruit from on the spot.

The system quickly screens, ranks and helps shortlist the many applications Java receive.

And for those one-off positions Java are able to tailor the online application forms to reflect what they need, making it quick and easy to drill down to the next winning appointment that will help the Java business grow.

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