Recruiting Software That Makes it Quicker For You To Hire

Recruiting Software Quicker To Hire.

No waiting for applications

Traditional methods require that you first advertise your vacancies, wait for applications to be received and then take time processing the applications you receive.

With your TEAM iQ recruitment database you’re always attracting a steady stream of applications. So when you need to recruit you can immediately search your database and often find the right person then and there. It literally shaves weeks or months off you recruitment process. You can be interviewing within hours of having made the decision to do so.

Fast applicant tracking processes to shortlist applications

Workflow within your recruiting software also reduces the time you take to process applications.

  • Instant search and retrieval of applications
  • Quicker comparison, rejection and ranking of applications
  • Immediate sharing of applications online, enabling a team effort for applicant screening
  • Reduced time-to-interview without any reduction in the quality of applicants or the screening process.

Too many applicants?

Recruiting software: Too many applications.

Do you waste valuable time sifting through mountains of inappropriate CVs – that don’t even begin to meet your minimum criteria? Or when you get too many applications, do you just shortlist from the first decent ones you come across?

TEAM iQ gets you to a first shortlist from over 1,000 applicants in less than 4 minutes, whilst still making sure you don’t overlook the right person for the job.

Your TEAM iQ recruiting software will automatically screen out all the applicants that do not meet any minimum criteria that you define, saving you hours if not days and weeks of work shortlisting.