Staffing Software That Saves You £000s on Recruitment Costs

Staffing Software that saves you on recruitment costs.

Saves on Agency Fees by Growing Your Own Database

Staffing Software creates your own database.

As soon as you start to attract applications via your company website, you start to build up your very own database of applications that you can call on now, or at any time in the future.

Now you can save the cost of a recruitment agency or external job board and pay them to go through their database; you’ve got your own.

Saves The Cost of Advertising Your Jobs

Once the careers page of your company website is established as an industry recruitment portal, word of mouth and social networking (built into TEAM iQ) will attract a steady stream of applications over time.

You will no longer need to incur costs advertising your vacancies, and will be able to use this money elsewhere in your business.

Improves Return On Investment (‘ROI’) On advertising (If You Do Need To Advertise)

Now that you are recruiting using staffing software on your company website, you can use any and all alternative advertising that you are already doing to shout about your status as an employer, directing people to the careers page of your website and so attracting a whole community and stream of applications over time.

This means you get a better ROI on your existing advertising spend, and you get to advertise your vacancies at no additional cost.

Cuts The Time & Cost Of Processing Applications

Staffing Software to reduce recruitment costs

TEAM iQ saves you a lot of time otherwise spent shortlisting and processing applications.

This efficiency translates directly into cost savings in the amount of time (and therefore cost) you need to spend recruiting.

Releases Your HR Staff Into Productive Work

TEAM iQ frees up your HR team from the stress and time spent wading through mountains of CVs and searching for hard-to-find staff.

Your TEAM iQ system means HR are now free to focus on business related areas of responsibility - staff performance, development and training.